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Welcome to the Express/Expression/Emphasis Tips and Tricks Forum!

Hi all -

Welcome to the forum. This forum is for users of Express/Expression and Emphasis control systems to come and post their favorite tips and tricks.

Please post each tip and trick as a new thread with a nice descriptive title so people can find useful ones quickly.

What this forum is not: This is not a good place to find your primary support if you are unexpectedly in the dark. Please always call your lighting system support provider or ETC Technical Services in order to get immediate help. I have included the Tech Support phone numbers below for your reference.

    For technical support in the Americas, please call 608/831-4116, or toll-free in the U.S. at 800/688-4116.
    For technical support in Europe, please call (+44) 20 8896 1000.
    For technical support in Germany, please call (+49) 8024 4700-0
    For technical support in Asia, please call (+852) 2799 1220.

Lastly, let's please be nice to each other. No bashing of other people's products, please. And no nasty comments about other visitors to the forums. Thanks for your support!