I'm using a hog 1k for a show next week, I have worked with intelligent lights with light jocky, and used lighting boards back in the day when all you had to worry about was intencity. I need to find the basics of plotting and how to set up hog.
  • Hi Jim-
    You are going to find that programming on the Hog 1000 is very different than a program like Light Jockey. We have a lot of resources online; here are a few links to take a look at:

    Get the Hog 500/1000 manual at
    There's a nice quick start guide that will help you get started.

    Also- as long as the Hog 1000 is running software v3.3- you will be using the same OS as the Hog2. Check out some of our articles in our Hog2 Knowledge Base here:

    Susan Rose has a quickstart guide located here:

    I know this is a wealth of reading, but it is worth it. We do also offer training seminars (

    You may also wish to download Hog2PC (this is free) from You can practice with the software offline.

    Good luck,

    Cat West
    High End Systems