IPC Issues

Hi, I've just recently started using our new IPC for larger shows and ran into two issues that I thought I would ask about. I've been running Hog2.

1. I'm using a Matrox Dual Head to Go analog edition video splitter to split the output of the third DVI monitor port to two additional monitor. After getting the resolution set right, it's been working great. One possibly related issue that has occasionally come up when I start the console up is that the front panel of the console doesn't seem to be recognized, ie, the buttons don't function, the led's don't light up. Restarting the console has solved the problem so far and never has this happened while the console has been in operation.

2. I'm running a second backup on another seperate computer, I have the IPC and the computer linked with MSC. Tonight when I went to load the current version of the show on the backup computer the console was one cue behind in regards to sinking up with the IPC. Turning off MSC IN in the Inputs Panel solved the problem. I'm guessing it's just one of those things but was curious to know if anyone else had experienced this. Also in regards to this set-up is this the most reliable full tracking backup solution available. I'd love it if Hog 2PC would output MIDI notes instead of just MSC so the files would stay in sink and not just the cues. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions that might improve the situation.

  • Eric,

    Both of your problems are odd ones to diagnose. As for the first, I commend you on using the Matrox Dual Head to Go with the Hog iPC... cool idea. I am glad it is working well. As for the front panel problem, you might check to ensure that the internal connections are all OK. Also do you have any other USB devices plugged in?

    As for the MSC getting off by one cue... that is very odd. What type of MIDI device are you using on your computer?
  • Hi Brad, I have a USB mouse, keyboard, a powered USB hub and then the matrox dual head to go which just pulls power from the USB port and then of course the two touch screens.

    For the midi on the backup computer I'm using a M-Audio Midisport 2x2 USB interface. I'm going into port A and it's the only thing that the interface is being used for.

    Also I beleive I'm running one behind the current version of the xpe image. I've been meaning to upgrade. Does this affect hog 2 operation or just hog 3. Wasn't sure cause I know that hog 2 is no longer in development.

    One other oddity that occured last night was that about an hour into the show I was running some cues and the green light on the play button would come on but it would stay on as opposed to switching to the red light after the cue was completed like it normally does. I've noticed this happening frequently on Hog2PC on a computer, but this is the first time on the IPC. Doesn't really seem to cause any issues, just was curious if it was a problem for any other reason?

  • Eric,

    The problem with your front panel could be due to the USB draw from the matrox... I am not sure, but you might want to try plugging that into a self powered USB hub.

    Usually the upgrade to XPe does not affect Hog 2PC, but we do make periodic improvements to the operating system and drivers, etc. So it is possible that it could make a difference, but I dont think so with the odd problems you have reported.

    This is the first I have heard of the problem with the green play LED, but if you are seeing it on a Hog 2PC computer then it is probably a bug within the Hog 2PC app. Luckily it sounds like it is just an LED display problem and does not affect your show.