hog 1000 midi triggers cue-lists

i'm trying to use a MIDI-keyboard as wing. It works fine and i can controll almost everything from my MIDI-keyboard.
Only there's 1 thing i can't figure. Is it possible to go virtual cue-lists.
to GO a fader i put in the following lines in my midimap.txt:
go:1 = note:25
go:2 = note:26
go:3 = note:27

what should be the syntax to trigger virtual masters??

i've tried:
go:L14 = note:25
go:Ql14 = note:25
list:14 = note25

but nothing works.

  • anyone have any success with this? can you fire Virtual masters via Midi?

    is there a syntax to hit the flash button on Faders?

  • Hi AntShadows,

    I've not tested it, but theoretically you can map the numeric keypad (keypad:1 to keypad:10), the list button (others:32) and the Enter key (others:11) to some notes and then send a notes-sequence from your midi-stuff to simulate e.g. a list->1->2->Enter. With this syntax you can run virtual QL by midi. Alternatively you can map the virtual macro buttons (macro_menu:1 to macro_menu:22) to midi notes and save macros in the console that starts virtual QL.

    For the flash buttons you can map (flash:1 to flash:8 for console and flash:57 to flash:90 for the WHII-Expansion Wing) to midi notes.