Aurorae LP36 3w LED par64

We are still using two Hog 500 consoles in two of our venues and we recently added these LP36 3W LED par64's by Aurorae. They are great LED's and very bright! Our customer service with these guys have been great - except that no one there has experience building profiles for the Hog 500.

We have been able to try and write our own fixture library for it but it is still not working like it should. We have reverted to using a 4 channel LED profile though the unit is a 6 channel LED. The problem is that one of the missing channels is used for the smooth dimming from 0-100% and we need access to this channel, otherwise our lights jump from off to on at 3% and vise versa. Any chance someone has written a profile already or can write one for us? Any help is very appreciated!!