Hunting Fixture Using Hog 1000

I have a Hog 1000 used to light a small stage with 12 moving yokes (power spot 575 and accu spot ii), along with a large number of LED wash lighting fixtures. Over the past year, I have noticed that the moving yokes are "hunting" more and more. By hunting, I mean it is placed into a position, and sometimes it begins to twitch (either the pan or tilt) until it is slightly moved. I also have a few colors that are not available because of this hunting (e.g. I can not lock on to certain colors). This problem seems to get worse the longer the board is in use, so I thought it might be a heat related issue. I have never opened it up so I do not know if there are fans inside, similar to a desktop computer, that might have failed. Heat is only a theory; there maybe some other problem that might be causing the hunting, not sure. What I do know is this condition can be seen in all of the moving yoke fixtures (both the accu spots and the power spots), so I do not believe it to be a fixture library problem (and they have worked better in the past with the same library). I do not see it much (if at all) in the wash lighting. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this problem? Is there something inside that has failed that could be replaced?
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