Hog 1000 Midi Out for Faders and Encoders

Hey there folks,
I have decided to pull out the old Hog 1K and create a midi file that will control the software that we are using.
I have managed through Bomes Translator to map all the buttons etc through to the software and it works great, however as we are all aware the faders are identified only by velocity....
I am needing to work out how i can send seperate fader and encoder control to the software as I dont believe I can change the text file midimap to do his...

As I need to of course send varible information ( in the form of pp or the like ) I cannot identify with the velocity? Or can I???
So if anyome can help that would be great...
I dug up a topic regarding sending information to the faders.... but I am needing to send out???

Any help would be great as now I have committed this and it is going on the road this weekend....
  • Hi Jeff,

    the midimap file is responsible for midi in AND out. So, when you change the file, your midi out will also change.
    You can set fader:1 = notes:12, fader:2 = notes:13 and so on to identify a fader movement by different midi notes. There is also a fader_val (as I remember right) which should be mapped to a controller.
    In your receiving midi software, you will always get a controller value followed by a note on value, which changes from fader to fader, if you written your midimap file correct.