Tilt inversion issues/profile Chauvet intimidator scan 300

Hey everyone, so I use a Hog 500 at a club. I have 8 chauvet intimidator scan LED 300.

Fixtures 101-104 are default tilt on the fixture itself. Fixtures 105-108 are invert tilt on rhe fixtures. When I move the Tilt in a full group of all at jn this configuration they all move as if they are all default tilt. But I discovered after a tour came and use my LEDS that one side was inverted tilt. After I realized I was very confused, when I go into the patch and edit fixture, on these preticulair fixtures I don't get any option to invert pan, or tilt inside of my patch like most

Is there a way I can re write the profile to allow me to do that in my patch like a regular profile made by jands/high end? I can invert pan and tilt on my techno beams, my coemars, ect all from the console.... it's just weird

Any suggestions help. For now, I'm going to leave one side inverted for myself, and tell tours to live with it and change it in their patch, because I can't.