Whole Hog 1000 Question

Hello. This is my first time writing into a forum. Wasn't too sure if I saw a category for the Hog 1000 so I picked this. My apologizes if I'm in the wrong category.

So at a venue I work at they have the first Hog. Something happened along the way during a show one night.

The options of using the parameter wheels for intensity vanished. You can hard push "Group", "Position" and "Beam", the buttons won't light up, the wheels won't work. You can't build the intensity via wheels.

It's frustrating and doesn't look smooth to highlight the fixture and say at full or at half to change the intensity. When putting the fixtures on a fader, or playing with grand master intensity it can be controlled.

I'm just wonder if I pushed something wrong I don't know about, how I can fix this issue. There's ways to work around the problems but other people who don't know the basics of programming a cue use the console from time to time and I'd like to bring these options back to life on the board.

Thank you!

- lightplay727