Button access to dozens of cues at same time

Hey guys,

Sorry if this question seems primitive. I am a Freestyler DMX software user, and am considering moving to a Hog desk. I am not a lighting designer or regular user, just a hobby enthusiast that does a few shows for fun, and by shows I mean DJ not bands (so 4 movers, DJ type on/off auto effects, Atomic strobes, laser, etc). I am trying to understand how one can use a desk with buttons versus the PC world, allow me to explain.

On a software based DMX solution, I can define a ton of CUE's, shove them into custom named CUE LISTS, and then shove those custom CUE LISTS into custom SUB MASTERS. So with my SUB MASTERS panel open, I can click on any number of CUE's instantly. Let's take a a moving head as the ideal example. SUBS would be grouped as PATTERN, COLOR, GOBO1, GOBO2, FOCUS, IRIS, SHUTTER, each SUB having a bunch of CUE's related to that SUB. I have access to ALL of those CUE's on the same single page, and can instantly grab and run any one of those CUE's for a given fixture type. Remember, I said DJ and not band, so quite often, it's not about running pre-programmed shows, but running stuff on the fly depending on song or look desired at that moment.

How does one have access to ALL of those SUB MASTERS / CUE LISTS on the desk at the same time. I sure hope one does not have to page thru to assign SUBS one at a time on the faders/buttons. I noticed that the 1000 desk has a bunch of buttons at the top, so assuming that this is the max number of CUE's that can be accessed at a given moment without changing pages.

Also, on a related subject, how does one know what the heck the buttons control. On a PC solution, each CUE, CUE LIST, SUB MASTER is labeled, with a lot of room for text, so there is no confusion what you are controlling. By simply looking at the desk, how can you tell what buttons control what. I assume you have to look at your monitor, and on there it will show button/fader assignment, but you would have to have good memory to grab a button quickly. I have seen more expensive desks having mini text bars on top of the buttons to identify them, but the text is limited. I think this is the case with the 1000 desk (don't need a II or higher).

While I don't need more than 512-1024 channels (500 model), I am guessing I would have more buttons available to me to run CUE's manually on a 1000 or II, correct.