Help with VL2500 and VL3000 fixture profiles...

Greetings all.

Recently found the forum. First post. I recently purchased a used Hog 500 console, 2 Vari-Lite VL2500s, 4 Vari-Lite VL3000s, and a couple of X-Laser Aurora Caliente units to play with. Nothing commercial... just living room and neighborhood holiday fun. I worked for a small production company and funded a few regional bands back in the day, so this is kinda like nostalgic COVID boredom therapy.

Before I dig into the HOG 500 fixture profile creation process and attempt it myself, I was hoping I might find an LD or tech who might have already built profiles for the VL2500 and VL3000 tucked away in an archive somewhere. The ETC/HighEnd/Flying Pig support site has the fixture profiles I am looking for - but only for HOG 3 OS, not HOG 2 OS like what is in the 500 unit. The formats are vastly different unfortunately.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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