Playing Back

There is someting so worng with the all WholeHog III Playback system, all the basic function don't act like they supposed to, the all Chaser things with the Flashes and the faders, the HTP, IPCB, Cue's, Scene, Virtual Masters, they don't playing back in "harmony" the all priority stuff and the Fade timing, Release time, Assarting, all that really messed up the all console basic lighting control.
Yesterday i run a simple show with 2 X Par 64 bars Front, 5 X Par 64 bars Back, 2 X 8Lite+ Scrollers, 4 X Mac 600 and 2 X Mac 2k's, and i can't understand what is the problam to record a simple White FOH HTP fader, a HTP CL with 3 cue's on it (Par 64 Back blue/red/orange), a simple HTP CL with 8Lite and 8 cue's (each cue with a different color), one Back Par's Chaser and one Cue list with all Mac stuff on it, and i still can't understand why there was so much problams ?!?!?
- I press Flash and hold it for the HTP back Par's, raise the fader to full, release the flash, Black ! why??????
- the Back Par's HTP Fader on full, fire Chaser, the stage become Black and after 2 second only Chase on stage! why the stage become black, why the chaser can't add hemself to the HTP? its an HTP FADER !!! the chaser can't overwrite it.
- When the Chaser fader in 0% but the chaser still run, it effect on all the HTP's fader that runs on it! he don't supposed to do that.
- when EFX engine/chaser run with the back Par's the HTP Flashes don't do nothing, they soposed to give me full Int any time, its an HTP !!!
- When i overwrite the GM for the FOH White wash, the time i press the GM button the master 1 flash supposed to be a DBO button, so...he is....sometimes!
- when HTP fader is on full and Chaser run with, the moment i press go to the HTP, it release the Chaser, he don't sopposed to do that to, and if i release the chaser, it turn black the all stage and raise the HTP after 2 secondes.

this is some of the thing that the Hog did to me.
I tell you the truth, i love my Hog very much but all the basic function that any Jands ESPII or even a botex or beringer controller do, the WholeHog III, probably the best console in the word, don't do, and its drive me crazy, its nice that the Hog have that super advance color matching system and all that Macros and a fixture builder, chang type option, unlimited console and other super function that the all other console, GrandMA,Vector,Congo,Maxxyz and other don't have but im sure thet the basic lighting operate, the operate the we, the guys that don't do the U2 Vertigo tour want, the Grand MA do jast fine.
Probebly some people sey "Hey, you have only 60 moving head, why you need a console for 60 million ??" but i sey that the console for that 60 million VL3K's need to do exactly what a 60 moving console do.
The WholeHog III is the best for programing, the all simple tricks and the quick programing and all that things, i can't sey nothing, hes the best, but all the basic function, the Playing Back, the backup, the dmx thing (why a super console like that don't have a dmx in ?) why that console can't do a slave console like the Hog II ? i don't understand why you guys don't take the Hog II with all hes functions, play with the design a little, paint hem in blue, add a change type option, 2-3 Dp's, a color touch screens, and a I-wheel and you have all the best in one console. it can't be happen that i buy the must expensive console in the market and the previous console is better (Hog II). but after all, he still the best, you guys only need to make it better.

Sorry if i say something not in place,

Thanks, Amir