Budget switch closure solution

Hey All,
I put together a simple switch closure solution this weekend for a commercial I'm working on.
In my case, it allows the motion control guys to trigger a "GO" command on my Hog 3 via midi show control (MSC).
It also comes in handy for allowing actors to trigger a lighting cue when entering a room or turning on a lamp. Or for the times when the gaffer or DP would like to trigger a cue while standing next to the camera.
The components needed can all be bought at guitarcenter.com for around $200.
The only other thing needed is some free software and a PC.
Anyone interested click this link for a parts list and tips on putting it all together.


  • I would love to discuss tricks with you. I am working on several MSC and SMPTE solutions. I have been working on quite a few TV productions and with 20 chiefs, I am tire of being the Indian who runs all their cues. I have linked many devices to trigger MIDI and since a big part of what I am doing is timecode, there are a few more ideas too.
    Get in touch if you would like to collaborate.