Are there different versions of the Hog 3/DP2000?

I am going to purchase a used Hog 3. Are there different versions of the Hog 3 or DP2000? I'm not talking about the software, I'm talking about the hardware. Are there Hog 3/DP 2000's with faster processors or updated goodies?

PS Anything else to look for when purchasing a used Hog 3?
  • There are other consoles that run the Hog OS.

    The only thing I would look at when buying a used H3 console is the HDD....if it has a Seagate you are good to go, but if it has the older Western Digital, you will probably want to replace it.

    As for processors....right now there is only the DP-2000.....there is a new DP-8000 that is being developed, but won't be released as a new product for a few months yet.

    Hope this helps:)
  • The only real difference and thing to look for is the very first DP 2000s were programmed at 50 mhz where as we now program them at 75 mhz. You can look in the Control Panel of the DP, the top line of text will indicate 50mhz or 75 mhz. If you find one with 50 mhz we will send you the processor to upgrade it to 75mhz at no charge.