Releasing Channel Numbers

Hey everyone i have a question and here it is. On one fader i have a all of my house lights and it is divided into 2 cues house lights on and house lights off. In a recent show i was creating a cue and the act asked that we put up some house lights and not all of them so i did by using the channel numbers. Since the hog is a tracking console it tracked them into the next cue until i took the channel numbers and placed them at 0. Now every time i want to use my house light fader it will not work because the house light channel number values are tracking at 0 in each cue. Is there a way to release those channel numbers so i can use my fader for bringing up and down the house lights?

I am running a whole hog 3 console with a very late version ver 2.3.1 i havent had time to upgrade it yet. I am using two DP's (aka NSP).
If anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it.