Bug Report - 3.0.5 b2482 - Playback problems and some error message

Major issue is playback problems. This is on hogpc. I have had 3, I repeat, 3 completely different computers have the same problems with this version to some extent. All were windows computers with XP. I have had everything from the playback completely become unresponsive to all 10 sets of list controls operate whatever the last chosen cue list when playback locked up. Just today I had a playback wing controlling the 'console set' of faders. I could still control stuff using the actual wing but nothing pressed on the display playback section would work nor did the faders reflect on the display screen from the faders on the wing like they usually did. I restarted the playback process and it started working again.

I also received this message when I tried shutting down Hog3pc. The screenshot is attached. Way to long to type.