Putting mulitple network protocals through the same switch..

I am planning a show using a Full Boar and 2 Hippo's...

I will have a Critter FOH to remotely manage the full size Hippo (stage or HD.. have not decided yet) over Hippo-Net. Right next to the FB too...

Then I will have the FB outputting Hog-Net to DPs in the stage area... and furthermore Art-Net to the Full size Hippo to control it off DMX. (The critter is purely to monitor the full size Hippo so I can then perform certain remote tasks such as on/off)

My question is... can I (or is it advisable not to) run Hog-Net, Hippo-Net and Art-Net all through the same switch FOH to save on cabling and switches...

I did PM Eric about this... but he suggested that I put it here so all of the users can have the benefit of his knowledge (and others).

So... has anybody had any good or bad experiences doing this or something similar?

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