Problem with Choose & Playbacks Buttons

I am using Hog3PC v3.1.0 (b 2672) with a super widget, programmer & playback wing. From time to time the software gets into a state where the Choose & Play buttons do not respond to single clicks. When it gets in this state the playback wing and the on-screen playback display exhibit the same problem. If I hold down the Choose button on a master that has an attached cuelist the Cuelist Rate & Cuelist Effect Rate is shown such that I could control them with encoder 1 & 2. This seems to indicate the software is seeing the button presses. The other odd thing is when the problem occurs I can double click on the Choose button the blue LEDs indicator will light up and the associated cuelist will open. However, the Play buttons on any of the 20 masters still do not respond. However, the fader and Flash function as expected.

This problem has happened several times. I have not been able to determine the exact steps that can replicate the problem. If I shutdown the Hog3PC program and restart the show the problem goes away -- at least for a while. I do not have to reboot the PC to get it working again.

Has anybody seen a similar problem?

Kevin Montagne
kevin (at) litkam (dot) com