Console Crash 3.1.1: Client Console Crashing

System Setup:

Server Running on Hog3PC on Windows XP Pro Computer and running as Console #1 and has virtual DP8000 running.

Console #2: Hog3 Console
Attached Equipment: 2-ELO Touch Screens, 1-Playback Wing.

Networked Equipment: 6-DP2000, 1-I/O Processor

During programming the following attached message came up twice during programming focus positions.

After receiving the error, I would hit Abort, shutoff the console, and restart. Client console picked right back up from where it was and did not lose what was left in the programmer. I just picked back up and continued programming.

This only happened twice and did not happen again during the programming session.

Please let me know if you need any further details. Thanks.