Ethernet system design guide

Any plans to update the guide?
  • I didn't even know that document existed. It is somewhat out of date. Much of what I'd add is covered in my older posts on this forum.

    One thing I'm not sure I agree with is the use of Spanning Tree to provide redundancy. Spanning tree is handy, because it can provide a degree of automatic failover. But, any port that participates in spanning tree is inactive for the first 30 seconds after a new device is plugged in. That means if your DP is plugged into one of these ports, it will be an additional 30 seconds before it will come online.

    You can disable spanning tree on specific ports, but then you have to be very careful what equipment is plugged in to what.

    In general, I prefer LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) for redundant links.
  • I'm not very good with networks so somekind of guide would be very nice.
    I'm wondering how to build a system which has network disk(s) as a backup for showfiles and mediaservers?
    In our theater we have Art-net and Hippo-net in different networks and we have to add Hog-net too... and I'm interested building a network backup for Hippos and Hog...