Copying cues and tracking

What's the best way to copy a cue to the end of a cue stack and stop other stuff from tracking thru?
Say you have five cues in a list and you want to copy cue 3 to make a new cue(cue 6) at the end but you don't want any info before cue 6 to track into cue 6 or later.
Thanks in advance!!
  • that's a situation where you actually can't be sure hundred percent information in cue 4 and 5 is not being tracked forward.
    What you can do is making sure you preserve all the information you have in cue 3 copying the state of it. you may want to try this syntax.
    cue 3 copy to 6 (select state in the record option toolbar) followed by enter.
    this way you simply make sure you're copying the look of cue 3 rather than the information stored in it. If you have new information in cue 4 and 5 that is not in cue 3, it's obviously tracking forward. playback cue 6 and see if you have any undesired information being tracked from cue 4 and 5 and update accordingly to go back to the cue 3 look. hope this helps
  • Another option is to go to cue 3, make sure all other playback is released except for this cue, select every fixture in your show and press Live Touch. This will Touch all fixtures and their values in cue 3 as well as the default state of every other fixture. Then record this as cue 6.