Reinstall XPe problems with video card

I am attempting to restore our Road Hog console and run into a problem. I can reinstall XPe release 1.8.1 without a problem, but the Road Hog console has an AMD FirePro 2270 video card. XPe release 1.8.1 only has software 3.2.1 which does not support this video card. I can install software 3.2.2 afterwards which according to the notes supports this video card, but all I get is two screens with 640x480 video with duplicated screens. Searching the forms and looking at the Internet archive, I see that XPe 1.8.2 was released with I assume software 3.2.2, which should allow the proper detection and setup of the AMD FirePro 2270 video card during the install of XPe. I can not find a copy of the file Road_Hog_System_Restore_Release_1-8-2.iso anywhere. I have tried to install the AMD drivers for the video card, but have been thwarted by how locked down XPe has been setup. Any suggestions welcome.
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