Hard Dİsk Formatted on Road Hog Full Boar 3

Hi Guys
A couple days ago we have changed the Road hog full boar hard drive. Now i can not restore it says no console restore on drive.
What sould i do
  • İt says unknown console detected on screen and there is no install option.
    Please help
  • Hello, the hard drive needs to be at least 80gb in size. Larger is ok but stay on the smaller size and not a huge one.

    The software can be found at the link below. The Road Hog, and Road Hog Full Boar are similar consoles but use different software files, confirm the correct file is being used.

    Road Hog 3

    Full Boar 3

    The link below explains burning the file to a USB drive, and installing it in the console. The USB drive must be made a bootable device.

    Also confirm the bios settings are correct. If the year in the System Date and Time is off, such 2005 or 2012, it can cause issues loading software.

    Road Hog bios. There were several motherboards used in Road Hog. The settings for each are included.

    Full Boar bios

    Try those and let us know how things go, and what are the results.
  • Hi every body i have same problem in a Roadhog 3 with hard drive broken.!!!
    i did many time in year recovery or restore hog 3,roadhog 3,fullboar 3.
    this is the first time we have follow message. This System Restore disk is soley intended for
    The Road Hog Console. "unknown consolle detected" Exit or Retry.
    i think Sound like hard disk not recognize or impossible to do partition on it.
    Bios is normal setted how HES need and Hard Disk is present in Primary Channel.
    during the boot i can see both Usb Restore key label ROADHOG and hard disk.
    choiche usb key and start win preparation. then stop in the message Gray/blue Page.!!!

    Hard Disk is 120 GB . i cheched with Pata Optical disk and Sata SSD both recognize but don't start installation.

    Any suggest is welcome please.!!!