Road Hog 3 Full Boar Internal no DMX issue.....

I've got a Road Hog 3 Full Boar console that isn't outputting any DMX.

As much as I can work out (which may not be much as I'm new to Hog desks) the configuration all looks good.
In the FPS USB Device Map Viewer I can see device number 2 is Super Widget - Internal
In the control panel system info view I can see Internal Super Widget Serial 16719497
In the Network Settings screen I can see DMX Processor No.1 Used-Yes Found-Yes Status-Running Name/Type-DP8000 IP
In the Fixture Patch screen I can see the DP8000 In use-Yes Found-Found
In the DMX Processor Settings under Widget Outputs, Universes 1,2,3 & 4 say Console - Output 1,2,3,4 etc but are greyed out, guess that means they are connected but cannot be changed?

I've started a new show with 3 desk channels patched to DP1 Universe 1 DMX 25-27
I've confirmed in the DMX Output view that I'm outputting DMX values to the correct addresses.
I'm hooked up to a Zero88 Alphapack2 addressed to 25 and connected a single lantern (confirmed all working on another desk)
One good thing with an Alphapack is that the status light gives some DMX info, ie off-No DMX on-DMX Slow Flash DMX with errors and fast flash DMX but not dimmers info, useful for testing DMX.
Initially I was getting intermittent solid DMX light (but still NOT working the dimmer channel) slow flashing (errors) and sometimes no light (no DMX). Now I'm getting no DMX to dimmer pack at all, light off always.

Looking inside desk the widget seems to be connected, checked all leads. Power seems OK 1 LED on next to each XLR connector, 2 LEDs on near power connector and sometimes a flashing LED on left side of board but not always.

I've done a partial system restore but no joy.

I'm guessing the widgets at fault? Is there a firmware install/upgrade I can try?

Any help appreciated

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