Road Hog 3 having problems after clean install

So this board recently crashed during a show just before the the artist started playing. It's also been problematic in the past: not importing profiles from other shows, and crashes when entering the fixture builder.
I figured since I had the time, I would do a full reset. After backing up the HD and Flash drive. I did the clean install, following the directions carefully. When it booted back up I did one more restart because the screens looked a little funny. Both screens were showing the start window when it used to be only the right side and the left had a window that showed the version. also the start window was much bigger. It took up the entire screen and had to be moved to see the Help and Quit buttons.

I have redone the install multiple times, changed the BIOS settings back to what they should be, upgraded to latest version 3.2.6 and I cannot get the screens to show separate images. I have opened it up reseated every connection and still the same result. I have also talked to support already and they just send me the BIOS sheet. If anyone knows whats going on that would greatly appreciated!