Road Hog 3 is Shutting down the software unexpectedly!!! Any ideas what could be?

My Road Hog 3 console has a problem, it shuts down after 1 hours and sometimes after minutes... I am working with some programming and fixture builder and software shuts down. I have to restart it again and after a while and happens again. The screen go off on black, external keyboard go off, desk lights go off, lamp go off, BUT!! the processor fan, and the power supply still running on. Nevertheless, past days I left the console power on all day, and console works fine, but without doing anything programming. There are some technical procedures that I already made to discard fails:
- Reinstall the full restore imagen 3.2.6 with cd disk
- Replace the hard disk to another one
-Change the ram memory to lowest 1gb to highest 2gt
-Clean fan processor, install heat sink paste on chip processor
-I made the settings for bios AIMB 562...

Like I said the console powers on fine, runs fine, but when I start working after time it goes off the software

I have no used on a show because of this issue. Any ideas what could be......thanks​