Do I Buy This

Looking at buying a Wholehog 3 For $1.250 New Zealand Dollars & was wondering if this is a good buy , console is in good working order with road case. I have a Hog 1000 at the moment & want to upgrade as budget tight,are there any problems to watch out for,Screens etc,Also is there a way to use my Lib. files or convert them to use on Wholehog 3 Please.your help would be much Appreciated.
  • Just buying yourself a Wholehog 3 won't let you control any lights, for output you will need a DP2000 or DP8000. So that will be a additional spending on your budget.

    I own a Wholehog 3 and use it on occasions in theatre where budget is tight and I don't know the house console. Things to keep an eye on are the harddisk. In most consoles this is not a SSD so eventually it will give up. The gasspring for the screen sometimes breaks and the screen will fall flat. I never had problems with the screens, however I had rental consoles where the screens where not so good anymore, so I would definitely test it before you buy it. The fixture files for Hog1000 can not be converted as far as I know, but please don't pin me on this one. Problem is that for most older fixtures the files are availble however for newer fixtures you will need to write your own files. The fixture builder for Hog III is not as extensive as for Hog4. There lies a challenge; for fixtures with pixels the pixels will need to be patched seperately for each fixture.

    So for a fixed location I would definitely buy a Hog III but for touring shows I would not recommend it.