Hog3 for training purposes


The following might sound as a cheap workaround, but I promise, we have already made our choice to buy a Roadhog.
However, while we wait for the actual OK from the boss, we want to get acquainted with the console.
I love the Hog4PC and the capture demo's, but we want to take it a step further.

We have been offered a Hog3 to loan while the lock down lasts (NL) so I was wondering what we can use that for.

I've been reading around on this forum and so far I have learned, a Hog3 cannot be used as a control panel for Hog4pc.
Also, A hog3 cannot be used as a DMX widget for Hog4pc.
Is this correct?

Now would it be possible to manually patch (most of) the fixtures used in the capture demo file on the HOG3 and connect it to a mac or pc running capture?
Or should I just continue using hog4pc and leave the hog3 alone?

Any tips on making our training more real or fun are welcome!

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