Roadhog 3 Fixture Color Wheel

I'm not great with fixture libraries. Typically I load it and all the attributes just work. I came into a venue with an existing show file in which one of the fixtures (the patch calls it an LED Super Beam 150) seems to have something strange happening between the color and color effects wheels. If I select a color without adjusting the color effect wheel, the color steps back and forth between two adjacent colors on the color wheel. In order to pick a color, I have to set the color effect wheel to spin @ zero and then choose a color using the color wheel. 

I did a little digging and the manufacturer may be ColorNite out of China. 

How do I get the wheels to function appropriately?
  • Hello,

    This sounds like there's an issue with the fixture library. It sounds like the DMX values for the features you're using are incorrect and the fixture is stuck in "shake" until you use your work around. If you can find the DMX chart for the fixture and send it over to with your show file I can see if I can help.