No demo theatre?

Aloha all!

Brand new user to the ETC SmartFade ML and to Smartsoft. I've just installed version on my Mac Mini running OS 10.11.5

There is a file called "Demoshow-SmartFadeML.asc" which loads the program into the board. However, there's nothing I can find that opens the demo theatre as shown in the tutorial videos, and no "C" button at the top of the screen next to the console toggle either.

That sure looks like a useful, if not essential, aspect of the learning process. What am I missing?



  • Hi there -

    I've attached a Mac version of the Demo Theatre file, which should work with your SFML demo show file. I'm told you should be able to run this presentation file application at the same time you run SmartSoft on your Mac and it should just work. Please ensure that you have an active network connection on that Mac though, as that's required to get the two programs talking to one another.

    Hope this helps -


  • Hi, I hope this was helpful for those with a Mac. Can you please share a Demo file that can work with SmartSoft 3.0.2 for Windows 7-8.1-10. Thank you.


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