How do I find out the actual light intensity value for a specific light within a memory

I have memory #1 that operates lights 1-5 on the panel. In the left LCD display it shows me a bar graph representing the intensity for the five lights. I'd like to recreate this for another memory and modify some of the lights. Is there a way to see what the actual intensity values for each of the lights in the memory? I'd like to be able to write them down (1@47%, 2@73%...) If it's in the manual I've yet to find it.



  • Smartfade or ML? If you want to see detail then you need to connect to a computer with Smartsoft.  You can then see % values and even the DMX output values.  I think that is the only way to view that information.  Note however that you can copy or add one memory into another.  You could for example use the COPY button to copy the source memory into a new memory location (you can also MASK out parameters like Color/Focus/Int Device say on SFML) - then EDIT that new memory to just the channels/look you want, and then combine that new memory with any other memory.  Just bring up the target memory fader, add the new memory fader, then store that look back to the target memory.  No writing anything down!  Hope that helps.

  • Also - remember Smartfade parameters are HTP (Higest takes precedence) - so if the target memory already has higher values then you would need to edit those channel intensities to lower values first.

  • sorry for the delay in reply Thanks for your information.