Basic SmartFade controls

Hello all! Within my auditorium, we have a main Element light board that we've always used. However, we recently discovered a SmartFade that seems to be fully connected to the system but moving sliders does nothing. Do we need to assign channel numbers to the sliders? Or am I missing something else here?

  • You need to find out what your dimmers dmx channels are and what lights are assigned to those dmx channels. Then you can patch those dmx channel numbers to faders on the SF board. 

  • I've seen several places where a SF in mounted in a Stage Managers panel as some sort of rehearsal/backup control. 

    Look at the manual section on using SF as backup, as I distantly recall fader 1 must be up for the DMX to flow through. You might also need to look into the DMX wiring diagram. ETC phone support can likely provide drawings if the whole system is ETC products. Once you know a bit about your system as Pillar602 suggests, tech support can also help in SF operation.