Problem with patching my Led in my smartfade

just bought a Smartfade 1248 and having problems patching in Led’s when i patch the adress on my fixture wich i setted 1 to 1 so 1 on my fixture and channel 1 on my smartfade and patched it, it did nothing. When i take the fader up it doesn’t bring the intensity of the Led up. Can someone help? I tried the Leds on another console and they are perfectly working. They are Lumi-IP65. 

can someone help??!?

  • Smartfade 1248 do not manage this kind of device. You need to raise the levels of every channel needed (The dimmer, the colour, an maybe the lightning of the lamp).

    So if your device have 7 channels, you need to patch 7 channels.

    To easily manage those devices Smarfade ML or Colorsource is a simple way.