Finding personalities in the patch wizard

I've just inherited a system at a school where I've started working. We have a Smartfade ML and a few fresnels/spots, 4x Robe ColorSpot250AT, some Showtec PAR64 LED's and a some LEDJ LED washes. I have managed to figure out how to load the Robe and ShowTec Personalities from the SD Card into the User slots, but when I go through Patch Wizard to add them I cannot see the ones I've loaded from the SD Card. How do I go about this? Also, has there never been any support for LEDJ?

  • If you have Loaded them correctly they will show up in the LOADED folder in the Patch wizard.  Top folder is USER DEFINED, Next folder down is LOADED, Then Alphabetical manufactures folders follow.  I have also noticed that to store these (to show up in the Patch Wizard) you need to store the show with a default show name like SHOWML01.ASC, SHOWML02.ASC etc otherwise they wont show up!   For your LEDJ fixtures you may need to make your own USER Personalities. Details for that are in the user manual. You could also try the online Onyx Fixture Finder tool to see if there is another manufacturer device with the same DMX profile that is already in the SmartfadeML.  

  • Brilliant - thanks. Never thought to scroll back from 'A'! 

    I think I will need to make a user personality for the LEDJ colour washes as there's nothing in there and the Onyx Fixture finder returned nothing either. 

  •  Did you also look it the GENERIC folder for a similar personality layout for your LEDJ wash lights?  There is a selection there for general LED type fixtures such as RGB, RBGI, RGBA etc.

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