SHOWLED classic Star cloth profile for ML


Has anyone created a personality file for the above please? If not, how am I create the device on the ML? 

It's been hired in and I've had it running today in mode 11 using dimmer channels 1 through 5, but really want to put this high up the dmx channels to get it out of the way. I have 5 spare device numbers on the desk so was planning to use one of these. However, I want several effects and speeds. I can save these to memories, but ideally would want to vary the speed real time. 

The device has 15 modes, but only five are DMX controlled. The one chosen uses five dmx channels.

First channel = one of twelve Pattern chases (including all on and all off) based on the dmx value. 

Second channel = Pattern behaviour. Four different chases based on dmx value sent.

Third channel = Chase speed from 0 to 255

Fourth channel = Minimum intensity. When set the cloth does not dim completely.

Fifth Channel = Maximum intensity. 

The manual is available at and the show is next week. 

Any advice and guidance appreciated. Better still if someone already has a personality. 

Many thanks ..... Robin