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Hi we are a small arts centre in Somerset UK and have used a 96 channel Jands desk for our conventional theatre lights (profiles etc). As we've invested a little in some led washes, we bought a secondhand Smartfade ML which seems to be in good order. Working thro the videos we're getting some idea of the capability of the desk. Howver it seems there may be a problem with slider number 0ne. When I connect the desk to a simple 4 channel dimmer pack addressed as  1, then slider 1 doesnt drive anything on Int A or Int B and the display deosnt show anything on the bar graph. connecting the light to ch2 all works as do all the other sliders. I've patched channel 1 to other dmx channels but cant get it to work. Now thats fine for conventionals/dimmers cos I can just allocate slider 2 to dmx channel 1 etc. But as I understand it slider 1 is essential for any devices as the software maps the personality to use slider 1 as intensity so inless there's a better work around I need to take the desk for a service - advice for a newbie most welcome. Thanks Tom.

  • Replacement Faders are available from ETC and they are not difficult to change if you have some basic soldering skills. The #1 fader is quite vulnerable to knocks in my experience. I have replaced several. It takes longer to open up the board and access the circuitry than it does to actually change the fader. As far as I know you are correct that you cannot change the fader assignments for the "Devices". You might be able to write a profile that uses different fader assignments but that is beyond my experience. For a few pounds and two hours of your time you can fix this.

  • Thats brilliant - I've replaced many faders on sound desks and experienced the same time difference - the last Mackie desk I repaired had 88 screws and bolts to get me to the failed fader !! Thanks so much for your help - I'll get on and order a replacement and then investigate the screws ! 

  • Order a few of both sizes (GM and INDs are different from the rest) then you are prepared for future mishaps.


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