Clone a Smartfade

I have one Smartfade ML and found another at a great price. Is there a way to just clone the second one? It will be used as a spare 

  • Save the show onto an SD card (which you should do as a backup anyway) and then load the show onto the second console. If you make changes to console #1's show data, repeat to keep the backup up to date. Keep your up to date show file on that SD card as another backup.

    Hope this helps -


  • Thank You. Is there a quick way to do this?. I've not had the console very long. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Very easy as Sarah said: Load an SD card into the slot of the first board. 2g or smaller is safest. Cycle thru menus until you get to Save/Load. Save a show as whatever the first default file comes up as, 001 most likely. Shut down the board and take the SD card out. Put the SD card in the second board and again cycle through to Save/Load and this time Load the show. First board is cloned to the second. You should probably make sure both boards are running the same revision of the operating system first. The boards will flash their versions as they boot up. If you need help with that, just ask.

  • That's easy enough. Thank you so much..

  • There is a card in each one. I think I'm ahead of the game 

  • I think I succeeded . Is there a quick way to check without hooking up lights? Remember I'm really new to this console.

  • You should see a preview of the intensities of each channel in the LCD displays when you are outputting signal. Also any devices or memories recorded should match button configurations. I don't recall if you can step through the patch dimmer by dimmer but probably this may be another way to check.

  • Thank you for your time!!