Chauvet Wash FX 2 with Smartfade ML


I used to operate a smartfade ML at my church years ago. Just recently started a DJ side business. Purchased a used SFML and 2 Chauvet DJ Wash FX 2s. There's no prebuilt personalities for this fixture, so I've been trying to make a custom one. What I'd ideally like to do is create 6 custom device personalities corresponding to the 6 regions of the light fixture which are individually controlled when operated in 28 channel mode.

Does anyone know if this is possible or has anyone here done it? Maybe this is a bad idea, but I'm thinking that if I program the light as if it's 6 separate lights, I'll be able to have the full function of the board and the fixture. Also, the UV diodes suck so I just won't use them. I'll just program RGB for the hue. I've been able to do it with limited success, but I might not be thinking about the problem appropriately. Maybe there's a better way forward than the path I'm headed down.

Manual to the light fixture here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!