Smartfade as an external fader wing for Nomad on iOS?

Hi All,

I have a smartfade I used for years as my main console for very basic freelance shows, and have since upgraded to a better LED package with movers.  I started using Nomad and love the functionality, but would love to be able to have more faders than the MIDI controller I have while still using it in conjunction with the smartfade.  Is this possible, or is it a waste of time to try and rig this up?  Thanks for any help you can offer!

  • iOS? there is no nomad for iOS, do you mean macOS? you can use it as fader wing for nomad through a sACN gateway since nomad only listens to sACN. this means however that a fader at 100% and the bump button have the same effect, you can't get the fader and the bump button to do two independent things.