SmartFade ML button LEDs?

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know where I can find replacement LEDs for the SmartFadeML buttons?

Our Blackout button went out and it took one of the techs a while to figure out why he had no lights lol.


  • when I bought my second hand smartfade there were also a couple of leds that were out. I've replaced them with some regular SMD leds from Ebay. If you have a bit of soldering experience it is possible to do it yourself, but it is not easy because the leds are near by the buttons.

    I think the blackout button has a blue led, I've bought these ones:
    I think that they are a bit brighter than te original ones but in my opinnion it is not an issue.

  • Thanks for the tip. I did find the knowledge article "" that also recommended upgrading the resistors to a higher value to prevent further occurrence, but the article didn't mention the led or resistor part recommended. I sent them a tech support email to see if they had any additional info, since none of these units are under warranty anymore and many of us AV types have soldering training (I was a Nuclear Electronics Tech in the Navy and they taught us NASA level soldering, i.e. enough to get a solid connection with no extra blobs so as not to add unnecessary lead weight. They actually saved TONS of lead weight on the first Space Shuttle built with the new soldering standards!).