Updating SmartFade

I am helping out my local school district and they have a Smartfade 24 running 1.7.1 and I want to get it updated (or at least updated to a point I can connect it to my laptop to use the virtual channel output display.)

I wanted to know If I need to run through the updates incrementally, (one at a time, 1.7.1>2.0.0>2.0.1> and so on) or if can I jump straight to 3.0.2. Also, I have seen many people mention a USB connection for updating the software, and then later in that article mention you can also use an SD card, I was wondering if a particular method was superior to another. Finally, I am using a laptop running Windows 11, can windows 11 running the 3.0.2 SmartSoft program still communicate with the board or is that something that is no longer possible with Win11?

Thank you!

  • While I can't help with the first part, I can help with the second. Generally using the usb connection will be better with the smartfade as you should just be able to update through smartsoft with the wired connection. Hope you get your first part answered. and smartsoft shoud still be compatable with win 11