Reconfig Net3 gateway IP address.


I have a Congo Jr, Net3 2 port acn gateway and Laptop with Congo Nomad. I had gate outputting DMX and Nomad working fine as backup.

Connected Node to a Mac Nomad setup and tried to configure but without success. Then fiddle to get it working with Congo Jr including resetting dynamic ip address on node.

Now I can't get Node off the id address range 169.254. .

Used Concert and GCE. I can see Congo Jr and laptop under View Non-Configuarable ACN device. Can't see Node.

When Node is off network then powered on it searches ip then sits at

What's can I do to get Congo Jr and Node speaking again?!

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  • in concert, menu Options, there is a command "Find Unreachable Devices". can you find it there?
  • In reply to ueliriegg:

    I left Concert - Find Unreachable Devices running on the Congo Jr for about 10 mins and it didn't pop up. It continued to search for devices. Is that long enough?
  • In reply to Gareth:

    The address is the address that the gateway assigns itself when it doesn't receive an address from a DHCP server. That would be expected if the gateway was not connected to a network with an active DHCP server.

    Is the Congo Jr. acting as a DHCP server?

    Concert should still find the gateway, 10 minutes should be more than enough time.

    It sounds like there is a network issue somewhere. Can you give a description of your network setup?
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