Response Analog IO Gateway Properties Explanation

Hello ETC;

we now have a Response Analog IO Gateway (v1.0.0.10), and we can't seem to figure out what a few of the properties

in setup via Concert v3.1.0 do.

What are the parameters Analog Threshold and Rate for?

What is the Analog Port 1 INPUT Address Parameter for? It is set by default to 0,

where as for Port 2 it is set to 1. How does this differ from the Analog Port 1 sACN Address?

We are trying to measure voltage going into the input from 0-10v to create a way of measuring voltage in a system by sending

sACN values from the Gateway relative to the voltage inputted in, but it doesnt really seem to work well. We send 0.6v in,

and the display is showing 96%, then after 3 seconds, switches to 2%, and then back to 96%.

In the Analog IO Gateway Setup Guide, these parameters are not explained. We cannot find a manual for this product.

Do you know where we can get a more comprehensive manual than the current setup guide?



Scheinwurf - Munich, Germany

  • Hi Robert,

    Sorry this isn't clear from the manual - we will work on getting some more information added in there.

    To answer your questions:

    Threshold you can think of like an "anti-jitter" or "debounce" feature. The analog input has to change by at least this much before the gateway considers it updated. It is a value from 0-255; basically the interal ADC converts the incoming voltage (0-10V) to a value between 0-255; then updates are sent if the value changes by more than the threshold amount. I would start out with this value set to zero, and increase it if you are seeing jitter.

    Rate controls how often the device will scan the analog inputs for level updates. It is a time in milli-seconds. Again, for initial setup I would set it to zero (which means "scan as fast as possible") and increase it if you want slower updates.

    Looking at your screenshot, you have some other things that may be not needed. The gateway provides three methods to communicate : ACN, Streaming ACN, and UDP. It sounds like you just want streaming ACN, so you don't need the information in the UDP IP address and port. Really all you should need to set, in order to send sACN, is Analog sACN universe and addresses. Port 1 Input Address refers to ACN addressing, it is the sACN address you want.

    On your actual problem - I'd definitely set the Threshold and Rate to zero and see what happens; are you using the inbuilt 0-10V supply or an external supply? If external, make sure the supply commons are tied together.

    Hope that helps.