newly install CEM+ control module cannot be configure

Recently, we pulled out our broken CEM+ control module version 3.0.0 from our single sensor rack.

However, the new CEM+ Control Module with firmware version 3.1.3, can't be configured to our existing single Sensor Rack

As per “User Manual”, the Dimmer rack (Sensor+ rack) contains a backplane with memory chips that holds the correct configuration of dimming system.

There are three options on how to get the configuration; download from the [FTP Server], [Backplane] and Racks [1-16].

All these three option were been used and always ends-up to “No Configuration R1/0”, [Get Config from] all over again.

Possibly, the new CEM+ module have different firmware version? This could be the reason of configuration failed transfer?


Could you please anyone send me the step by step procedure on how to configure the new CEM+ control module?


Old CEM+ : software version 3.0.0

New CEM+: software version 3.1.3



Electronics Engineer

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  • Hi Clodualdo,

    Yes, the CEM+ Processors should all be the same version. The backplane only contains the complete configuration if it the only processor in the Group.

    Also, if your CEM+s are not in the 10.101 subnet then the function Get Config from another rack most likely won't work.

    Where did you get this replacement CEM+ from?

    I would recommend that you contact your local ETC Dealer to assist in getting the CEM+ running again. You can also find a list of ETC Dealers at the top of our website.

    Have a nice Sunday,


  • In reply to corey:

    HI Corey,
    Thanks for your quick response..
    The new CEM+ control module was delivered by WARTSILA North America Inc.

    For the new CEM+, is there anyway we can downgrade the software version from version 3.1.3 to 3.0.0 to make this work?
    Can we still able to find the old CEM+ version 3.0.0?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Have a great day!


    NCL Electronics Engineer
  • In reply to Clodualdo:

    Hi Clodualdo, 

    it may be possible to downgrade a CEM+ from v3.1.3 to v3.0.0, but due to the complexity of this, please contact directly an ETC Dealer - like WARTSILA - about how to get this done.

    EDIT: There is a possibilty that the new CEM+ cannot be downgraded all the way to v3.0.0, so that the rest of the CEM+ Group would need to be upgraded to


    Your dealer should be able to help you out with all the complexities of this.

    Thank-you and have a great day yourself!

  • In reply to corey:

    Hi Corey,
    This time I able to configured the IP address of the new CEM+ v3.1.3, now able ping the CEM+ IP address using the control PC. Today, just discovered that we have control PC (Sensor+ Connect) software that is connected to this dimmer rack (HSR24). However, still unsure how to transfer the configuration from backplane to the new CEM+?
    Can I use the Sensor+ Connect software to configure the new CEM+?

    I was calling the ETC support this morning (Barcelona time) but cannot get thru, maybe due to time difference?
    U.S. at 800-688-4116

    Thank you and have a great day!

    - clodualdo

    Electronic Engineer
    Norwegian Cruise Line
  • In reply to Clodualdo:

    Yes - ETC Inc in the US is just waking up. If you are in Barcelona, feel free to give our ETC London Office a call +44 (0)20 8896 1000. They are now in the Office and can help out.
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