Sensor+ Systems - SNMP/third party monitoring support?



Trying to track down some long-term issues with some sine wave racks, and would love to tie the dimmer rack power/temperature into our building nagios logging...  Does such a thing exist? Or am I being optimistic :)



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  • Hi,


    The only remote interface to these is via an old program called Dim-Stat, but I suspect this would not meet your requirements and does not contain any way of integrating into Nagios or any other SNMP application


    What I would recommend however is contacting your local ETC office or dealer to discuss the issues you are having with the racks.

    ETC Office contact info can be obtained here:




    Revised as I didn't see that the issue was with Sensor+
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    Thanks Marcus,

    That was my suspicion. Already talking with ETC locally about the issues--they suspected some sort of local power issue, was hoping that I could log that data easily from the sensor side, but I'll dig into other options.
  • Although there is not direct support for SNMP in CEM+, there is a text (xml) file available via the web interface that might be usable for external monitoring. If you retrieve

    http://<your racks IP>/status.sts

    You will see an XML file with temperature and voltage information which could possibly be "scraped" for log information.

    However, depending on exactly what the problem is that might not update fast enough to catch anything. If you suspect power problems, a power analyzer such as Dranetz( is what we would typically deploy as it is designed to catch fast transient events. ETC has a couple of these and we can loan them to sites experiencing problems.

    If temperature is the problem, first steps are to make sure the ambient temperature of the room is stable and that the rack fans are operating, filters are clean and no modules are overloaded.

    As Marcus says, I think the first step would be to contact ETC tech support for some troubleshooting steps.
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