Strange dimmer behavior

We have a SENSOR CEM Dimming Rack with the 48 modules (96 circuits). It must be about 15 years old by now.

Recently I noticed that whenever our ETC ENCORE2 Console was shut down, a lamp on circuit, #80 comes on (full). I can do a CEM Reset to turn it off or it  will go off by itself after about 20 minutes. One msg I saw said #80 "Not Set"!  I replaced the 79/80 dimmer pack to no effect so I'm convinced its a CEM control problem. I even erased all Backup looks just in case somehow something had been set. We actually don't use this function and the clear all did not stop #80 turning on when the DMX signal disappeared. I'm not really sure of what I should/could do next. Ideas most welcome. 

  • Go to the CEM and do an [About] and check out dimmer 80 (while it is misbehaving) and see what the control source is.  Many systems had DMX A going from console -> to -> Arch DMX In -> to -> CEM DMX A.  Then Arch DMX Out ->to->CEM DMX B.

    Is #80's drive LED (the green one on the D20's right side) on?  It could be a misbehaving D20.  I have seen the powercubes on D20's locking-on when running hot.  Try swapping the D20 (turn the breakers off, code says power down the rack...or full arc-flash protection---you've been warned) to quickly see if it is the module.

    Make sure the config of #80 didn't get changed to something like a 2-wire flo, or swapped with a different module type.

    I have also seen where a CC20 (constant current) that powered the arch processor, got switched with a D20, so what whenever they turned all lights off, the arch stations powered off. And when they turned stuff on with the console, sometimes the preset panels would randomly wake up. I chuckled when I figured out what was going on. 

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