Smartpack issue

I am having an issue with a 12 circuit smartpack. I have 3 in total, one of them has 4 circuits that are constantly at full, The display shows them at 0% the controller isn't sending dmx values. What might be the issue? 

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  • Which four circuits are misbehaving? Also, is the pack being fed with single-phase (2 hots) or three-phase (3 hots)? Have you already tried resetting the pack by turning power off and back on? There are a number of different things that could be going on, but answers to these questions might help narrow it down a little.
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    They are being fed with single phase. I have reset the packs. both by turning them off and on. and through the menu.
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    I believe the circuits are 5 thru 8. The building has 3 12 circuit packs this is only happening on one of them.
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