D 20 Module Red Status Indicator

Hi All,

I've recently run into a pair of red status indicators on a D 20 card, and I can't seem to find any mention of what those indicators mean in any documentation. I've attached a picture:

Any information would be well appreciated.

  • Are you seeing this on any other modules? Typically you would see the red lights on a D20 AF module with cut outs for the lights on the front screening. However, I have seen some sites where the power cubes in a D20 module were replaced with the power cube from a D20AF ( the one with the red lights), to help with dimming curves and low end flickering issues.

    Long story, short, if the load is working, there is nothing to worry about.

    If you have more concerns, you are welcome to contact Technical support. If you can give them your job name and possibly your ETC Job number, they can look deeper into the history.
  • The card came out of a rental unit. It is otherwise working normally, I was mostly just curious as to what the indicators meant, particularly if they meant some further investigating was warranted. Thanks for the explanation!