LMI ch200 operation and diagnostic

Currently starts working at a grade school with a LMI Ch200 console, L86 wall pack, with LM86 2400 dimmer modules. They are having problems getting all the lights to work. They have had some of the light bulbs replaced and they worked for a while. They seem to think that the console has shorted out and only about 4 channels are working. Can I get some direction on where to start to diagnose the system without making it worse? Thanks

  • Sorry to hear you are running into problems.  We absolutely still support these systems and either we or a local Service Center can assist. A few things whoever you are working with will need to know to best assist you:


    • What is the name of the facility?
      • We can pull a job print set that way.
    • What is and isn't working?
      • Specifically which dimmers or channels on the console.
      • Make sure the lamps are working. 
    • Try swapping a working dimmer with a non-working dimmer in the wall panel and see if the problem follows the module or stays with the slot. 

    A copy of the console manual is available for download here


    Hope this helps. 

  • The facility is Kurn Hattin homes for children, (blueprints say Kern Hattin), looks like G.E. Supply was the sub-contractor and the rep was Kopf & Talpey. This is off the blueprints. I am working on finding out which dimmers work and lamps. Currently I only have found 4 working channels on the console, the master works as do the fades. Thanks will work on this and get back when I have more complete info.
  • Good luck with your troubleshooting.

    Tracking data flow is going to help a great deal here. If you have another DMX transmitting device or console, you can attach it to rule out the CH200 as being the issue.

    If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at Service@etcconnect.com or between 8am and 5 pm CST at 800-688-4116.
  • We don't have another console, however if I can find a good used or inexpensive one which models would work? I read somewhere that this system used a different digital signal than others, usitt or is this standard?