I studied lighting in undergrad 30 years ago. Systems have changed since then. I am teaching at high school and would love to find some classes to take so that I can learn to use my lighting system more fully. Any thoughts about where to find training or workshops near chicago . I've looked on the ETC website and everything seems to be in NYC or Los Angeles, or very far from me.  (I live 2.5 hours south so there are a number of cities I could drive to.) I am using an ETC Nomad Dongle with a Gadget II running the Element 2 software. 

Thanks for any suggestions. 

  • Hi Chris,   I'm sorry about not having specific details about ETC training in the Chicago/Illinois area.  We try to do one fairly regularly or at least with one of the Chicago dealers. Currently we don't have anything finalized.  Meanwhile you have a few options.

    1) Contact your local dealer. They may be able to provide some training. 

    2) Go online and checkout the videos -   If you like to test yourself you can also do the online courses -, which have chapter quizzes after each video.   

    3) Come to our end-user training this summer, -

    4) Feel like a field trip, organize a trip to ETC and we'll provide some hands-on training for the group.

    5) Have a large group?  Get ETC to come to you.  Either host a training at your site or host a private training for you and your staff, students and guests.

    Feel free to contact me to talk about your options.